PQI Connect 303 Lucky Cat Flash Memory  USB 3.0 -  Red 8GB

فلش مموری پی کیو آی مدل کانکت 303 گربه خوش شانس یو اس بی 3 - ظرفیت 8 گیگابایت قرمز

مشخصات فیزیکی

  • ابعاد12.5 × 25.5 × 41.7 میلی‌متر
  • وزن7.6 گرم
  • جنس بدنهپلاستیک نرم پاک کنی

مشخصات فنی

  • رابطUSB 3.0
  • ظرفیت8 گیگابایت
  • نشانگر LED
  • مقاوم در برابر آب
  • مقاوم در برابر ضربه
  • مقاوم در برابر شوک و لرزش
  • مقاوم در برابر گرد و غبار
  • ولتاژ مورد نیاز5 ولت
  • منبع تغذیهپورت USB
  • سازگار با سیستم عامل‌هایWindows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac 10.x or above
  • سایر قابلیت‌هاقابلیت استفاده به صورت USB OTG


محصولات مشابه


The charm of PQI's "Lucky Cat" adds a splash of color and good luck to your busy life. The device comes in three styles: 

Rich Gold: To bring you wealth and career advancement. 

Lucky Red: To bring you good health and happiness. 

Energetic Blue: To bring you freedom to pursue your hopes and dreams. 

With PQI's exclusive COB patented technology, we've built a miniature USB On the Go (OTG) expandable storage device. The device is equipped with both micro and standard USB connectors. The user only needs to plug the micro USB connector into a smartphone or tablet to easily transfer documents, photos, videos, and music to the PQI Lucky Cat, where the files are automatically organized according to category. The device can sync with Facebook, solving the problem of limited, non-expandable storage space on smartphones and tablets. There is no need for inconvenient transmission cables as the device provides simple, instant sharing. 

The standard USB connector on the other end can directly plug into laptops, PCs, or any USB port. Use it like any USB flash drive. Music, videos, and other files can be freely accessed according to your personal needs. Through the micro USB connector, music, video, and files on the device may be directly transferred to a smartphone or tablet. Multiple files may be copied at once, saving you waiting time. With the included strap, you can easily turn it into a dust cover for your phone's headphone port. Convenient, practical, and functional—this is an industry-leading mobile peripheral that can be used with just one click! 




The Best Storage Companion for OTG Smartphones and Tablets

With micro and standard USB connectors built in, the user only needs to plug the micro USB connector into a smart phone or tablet to transfer data or read and save existing music, video, and multimedia files. The USB connector on the other end can be plugged into a laptop, desktop computer, or any other device with a USB port, just like a USB thumb drive. Files are automatically organized according to category in this compact, dual-use device, which makes it easy for users to share files with family and friends through Facebook or e-mail. Multiple files can be copied at once, facilitating smart file sharing and saving. 






Compact, light-weight, and slender design

Meticulously designed thumb-sized device is unique, slender, and compact.  





Cute animal design — Use as a headphone jack dust cover

The cute, adorable design made of soft rubber will charm adults and kids alike. An amusing expression brings a smile to everyone's face, making for a fun, stress-relieving accessory. The drive doubles as a headphone jack dust cover for smartphones or portable audio players. A storage drive doesn't have to be just a device to store your memories. It can be an adorable fashion accessory as well. 



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